Our Company

Studio 75 Architects S.A. was founded by Stefanos Pantos-Kikkos in 1975 and has had a significant presence in Greece and abroad since then. The philosophy of Studio 75 is based on the search for the new as well as the pursuit of high quality in any architectural undertaking. Through the prolific exchange of ideas and perspectives among the architectural members of our staff, we respond to every architectural challenge with responsible consistent and creative solutions.

The diverse activity of Studio 75 and its members not only does it include work on behalf of Greek and foreign public and private organizations but also projects on regional state institutions, municipalities and individuals.

During its long-lasting presence in the market, Studio 75 has collaborated with numerous construction companies both in Greece and internationally. Furthermore, the practice has worked with a large number of consultants from different disciplines with some of whom we have retained permanent collaboration.

Studio’s 75 excellent scientific and technical infrastructure and knowledge combined with the ever-expanding experience of its members can guarantee the success of any architectural project regardless of its size or requirements.

Many of the projects of Studio 75 have been published in well-known magazines in Greece as well as internationally. At the same time, the office has won numerous international distinctions and awards in various architectural competitions.

Our Services

During its long-lasting presence in the industry, Studio 75 has worked on various small and large-scale projects and has undertaken maintenance and regeneration projects for complexes. Furthermore, the practice has offered consultancy in both the private and public sector. The practice is in close collaboration with all the architectural specialties and cooperates with professionals in all fields. As a result, the office offers a wide range of architectural services ensuring sustainable architectural solutions of high aesthetics.

Studio 75 provides the following services:


Architectural Studies

Architectural studies and inspection of the projects which range from a small residence to large tourist complexes, residential complexes, public and private buildings of various uses.


Specialist Projects

Specialist architectural projects such as outdoor planning, (squares, pedestrian streets, parks) area redevelopment, landscaping.


Monument Restoration

Building and monument restoration studies


Maintenance Support

Building management and maintenance support and development consulting.


Urban Planning

Urban planning from the urban master planning and generation to smaller developments


Interior Design

Interior design. Hotels, shops, houses, museums, event venues, exhibition areas, theatres, cinemas.

Studio 75 is supplied with the highest quality of equipment which includes a network of computers, as well as a number of printers, plotters, copiers and scanners and all related equipment for their technical support and maintenance.In general, along with the scientific and technical infrastructure and know-how, Studio75 team has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of projects and requirements. Studio75 Architects S.A.  is registered in GEM (Department of the Greek Ministry of Environment responsible for issuing design certifications/registration number:603) and has the following certificates:
Class E certificate, category 06 – Architectural Design of Building Projects.
Class E certificate, category 07 – Special Architectural Studies
Class A certificate, category 01 – Spatial and Regulatory Studies
Class A certificate, category 03 – Financial Studies

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